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Bhutan Tour
Bhutan Tour

Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is a dazzling tour destination where ancient eastern cultures coexist with a western democratic way of life. It's a Buddhist hamlet, to begin with, a tiny nation-state that talks of happiness like no other country does.

Ever heard of a country that pins happiness at the center of its development dreams? Well, that’s Bhutan, the country that believes in Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product, where people don’t kiss in public, but enthusiastically hang giant protective phalluses from the eaves of their homes.

With China up north and India down south, Bhutan went into isolation for a long time, quietly bidding its time. And the result: a vibrant Buddhist culture, solid bulwark of forest cover, unique art and architecture, distinctive dress, beautiful temples and fortresses, and a people whose primary diet is red rice, cheese, and chili.

The Bhutanese are a deeply spiritual people whose pace of life is dictated by myths, legends, and mysticism that make this country the last bastion of the great Himalayan tradition. Bhutan derives its rich cultural heritage from this crucible of the Himalayan tradition.

Bhutan's unspoiled wilderness hosts amazing flora and fauna. Among them are some of the rarest flowers and birds. That’s why tourism doesn’t come cheap here. Visitors have to pay an all-inclusive fee of US$ 200 a day. You may travel in a group or arrange your own itinerary.

From religious festivals to migratory endangered birds, a tour of the country will give you a mysterious sense of being in the other world. You might want to visit the hinterlands to see homes roofed with wooden shingles, or a 7th century visiting saint’s body print on a rock, or textiles with cosmic designs (see our tours).

So, visit Bhutan and witness the enchantment of this medieval kingdom often referred by historians and scholars as the last Shangri-La. Bhutan will remain forever in your memory, a journey to one of the most enigmatic countries that will give you the feel of thrills the early explorers got when they discovered a new land, a new people, and a new culture.


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