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Tour in Tibet
Tour in Tibet

Tibet - land of mysticism offers its variety of charms. The world's highest peaks raised against deep blue skies, large crystal clear lakes, grasslands and plateaus with the 1000 roomed Potala and large monastic complexes of Sera & Drepung and the mythical navel of the world -Mt. Kailash. Closed for a long time to foreign travellers, Tibet always held a strong pull on the imagination of the world. Protected on one side by the giant Himalayan range and the policy of isolation, Tibet’s stark and grand plateau with its warm and hospitable people practising their way of Buddhism tinged with mysticism appeared to the world to indeed be the embodiment of the Lost Shangri-la. Travel to Tibet in earlier times required a great deal of courage and luck and Lhasa epitomised the ultimate travel destination. The ones who succeeded came back with tantalizing tales.


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